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There's been interest on the Microsoft Visio Forums on how a developer might examine a Visio drawing which has been saved in an XML format (VDX). This sample project explores how LinqToXml in a Vb.NET solution could be used to examine some of the key feature areas that were released in Visio 2007 and 2010. The intent of the user is usually stated as desiring to be able to gather information from the drawing that might be used to create external reports, so the focus is on gathering information from shapes (shape sheet data), connections (page connections), and BPMN issues that were flagged in the drawing. While the sample program does include Visio for viewing the drawing file, it is not used for examining the contents of the drawing.


While the sample application does require Visio 2010, this is because the ActiveX Drawing control is included for visualization of the drawing. The Visio APIs are not used for the examining the data or creating the forms.

An introductory video has been posted on YouTube

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